My mom…

December 18, 2012

My mom was a teacher. She retired after 30+ years. She worked hard and diligently at her craft, and while I never experienced it first hand in a classroom setting, she seemed to be a damn fine teacher. Mostly during my teenage years, she taught 3rd grade at elementary school. 


I always had respect for my mom for putting up with what seemed to me as some of the endless crap she got not only from students, but from parents as well. Her time working for the government as a elementary school teacher led me to come to the conclusion that the public school system has not failed us, but rather the public has failed us.

Which brings me to some comments I’ve seen around the internet, and on political talk shows.

“Just arm the teachers.”

“Just let God back in schools.”

“Need to get rid of that N**** president.” 

If anyone thinks this will solve our growing mass killing/suicide phenomena as of late, they are severely misinformed. 

I’m not going to spend too much time on this. I can only tell you what I know. I love my mom, and thank her for her years of service to Louisiana children. She never needed to fire a gun or didn’t have any use in owning one, probably because she wasn’t a coward like so many. She’s retired now, enjoying the fruits of her hard work.

Damn I love her, and I love my family. I love my daughter. I’ll be fucking God damned if I see her attend class where the teachers have fully automatic assault rifles in their closets just waiting for the next massacre, meanwhile not learning anything while trying to make scientific sense out of the Book of Genesis. 

We are better than this. We as Americans have been tricked. I sure hope it’s not too late, but my optimism grows weary. 

It’s not about us. It’s about children who are helpless and need us, now more then ever. 

I want to stop thinking about it, just like everyone else, but we are well beyond that luxury. My kid, our kids, all of our lives are now on the line in a very real way. 

-Assault weapons ban (renewing the expiration) High magazine bans.

-Access to hospitals, mental health, and the expansion of Medicare

-Getting money out of politics (

-Laws that require persons that need high caliber weapons to go through six weeks of intense boot camp military training.

-Ending the gun culture. Guns are not fun. They are not games. They don’t make you look cool and awesome. They make you look stupid. Like cigarettes. Guns are cigarettes.


I can’t stop thinking about this. It weighs heavy on my heart. It’s only my opinion, and it’s pretty obvious that my opinion means fucking squat. Keep killing each other out there and keep thinking you are safe when you go to malls, movies, parks, town hall meetings and schools. You aren’t safe, and the people that could make things better choose not to for no other reason than money. Welcome to America, enjoy your stay.

-Mad Mike

p.s. We have a lot to talk about BANKS next time around. 


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