Open letter to all 3.

December 16, 2012

3 of my contactable U.S. Leaders. My heart is still heavy:


U.S. Representatives, Senators, and President,


Recent events in CT have made me pause to reevaluate the safety of my children. As a party loosening gun restrictions as a hand out to your right wing base, not having the audacity to even mention that citizens perhaps shouldn’t have access to high powered assault rifles like those seen in most modern video games, and by simply closing your eyes hoping it goes away is indeed a national tragedy. I do not feel safe letting my child inside a public school system in fear of a maniac removing her from this earth. I do not feel safe going to see a popular movie at my local theater,  I do not feel safe shopping at a mall during Christmas time, and I do not feel safe attending a social event like a Sunday morning service at one of the many churches of my choosing. Gentlemen, I fear for my family’s safety. If something happened to my little girl after so many of these red alert scenarios, I can only suppose I would not be able to carry on. I can only assume it would be impossible to lift my head from my pillow. I would be paralyzed. Please, do something. Greater access to mental health and hospital services for everyone, renewing the assault weapons ban, laws that require persons with more than one gun go through military training boot camp scenarios with regular psychiatric check-ups, steps to remove the popularity of the pro gun culture and the courage to stand up to large corporations who don’t care one damn about the American people but rather their bottom line. Please, do something; Do anything.

Help us, please.

Written by a concerned dad.

-Mike, Kim & Zoey Burrow

Just an open letter. You don’t have to share my sentiment. Thank you for reading, however. 

Still Sad…

-Sad Mike


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