December 10, 2012

Still no headway on the fiscal cliff discussions, so for that I will be writing my U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE CONGRESSMAN CHARLES BOUSTANY JR. MD to explain to him that I stand with the President because I don’t want my family or my friends family be slammed with massive tax increases just because these guys can’t seem to bring themselves to bring tax rates on the TOP 2% of the country back to pre-Bush levels.

How do you write him? Easy! Just go to his website:

Put your zip code in and fill out the form and tell him:

“I stand with the President of the United States! NO MORE GAMES!”

Here’s my example from today:

Writing you again! Looking all over the internet to see what you are saying about the fiscal cliff! Oh, I found something. You proposed to kick the can down the road. Wow! I am so surprised. No I’m not. Stop distorting the truth. EVEN THE TOP 2% GET A TAX CUT UP TO RATES OF $250,000 A YEAR PLUS GET ALL THE SPECIAL TREATMENTS OF LOOPHOLES AND DEDUCTIONS!! Quit the game. My friends all know that if the fiscal cliff happens, it goes up on the poor, the middle class and the ultra rich. So your proposal doesn’t hold up. End the Bush Tax Cuts. Stop the charade. Lay off the Koch! I WILL BE WRITING YOU EVERY SINGLE DAY! Get used to it!

Here’s an interview by our LOCAL FOX NEWS AFFILIATE, KPEL 96.5 (YUCK):

Until there is headway, let’s keep writing him. It’s already a done deal. Take your pick:

Do you want taxes to go up on just the top 2% of our wealth earners,


Do you want taxes to go up on the top 2% and everyone else (100%) and have massive cuts in everything from Military to schools to police to firefighters to universities to R&D to the list goes on and on.


Stay classy!

-Mad Mike

p.s. According to this, they will take vacation next week unless the Senate overrides them! LET’S HOPE YOU HAVE TIME TO PUT TOGETHER A TOWN HALL IF YOU DO GO ON VACATION, DR. BOUSTANY! I’d love to ask you a few questions!


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