Tomorrow, Dec 8th.

December 8, 2012

Tomorrow is Dec 8th 2012.

It will be one of the most difficult decisions I will have to make while voting.

Wait, tomorrow is an election? >Yep!<

This time around, I don’t have the advantage (call it what you will) of a two party system. I will be voting one Republican in; and I will be voting for Charles Boustany Jr.

Believe me, I don’t really want to. It even pains me to do so. Boustany has MUCH more money, funded directly by Republican Super PACs that want to see such a wimpy shell like Boustany just open up his throat and let the money pour right in. He DOES live in River Ranch, after all, and we all know what kind of people they got living back there! ūüėČ

Doctor MD Boustany Jr., SIR, I will be writing you letters continually throughout this term if you are lucky enough to be voted in by the people. I encourage you this time around to read it, to think about it, and to respond, leave a comment or address to me a letter that speaks from soul rather then the throat.

As for Jeff Landry, well.. He is a TEA Party favorite. I’ll just leave it there.

No, I won’t. No more fucking LOONS. Jeff Landry, you suck worse then Dr. Boustany and the GOP, and believe me; It can’t get any worse than that, except it actually could. You sir scare me worse then Boustany retaining his seat, and that really says something.

Go home, you aren’t grown up enough.


David Vitter, I’m not letting you off the hook either. I want to know NOW if you had a chance to analyze Glass-Stegal and would encourage you to work in tandem with Elizabeth Warren and others in the immediate future so we DO NOT have a¬†cataclysmic financial crisis event like in 2008. I implore the both of you, Doctor; Mr. Vitter, please. Do the right thing.

I think of a timeless saying when I consider the ass loads of money that is flowing towards you two and how much of a dense fog that tends to create, and I think of what my Dad used to tell me when my hormones were running wild exactly like how yours now are. He said:

“Think with your head, not with the head of your dick.”

I can’t think of better, more golden advice for you two fine upstanding gentlemen to¬†receive.


Good day, gentlemen,and good day out there, everyone!

Stay mad, stay Rad, & Stay engaged!

Keep Calm, and Have Fun!

-Mad Mike


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