Good to be back.

November 18, 2012

Thank you! Thank you! Welcome back! It’s our first post since the annihilation and humiliation of one Willard “Mittingtons” Romney! I don’t care to gloat… Oh fuck it. Yes I do. Have a very nice, very long retirement. friend!

This election was a fucking disaster of epic proportions. I can’t even put it into words how ridiculous and obscene it actually was. I had been paying attention THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME, and let me tell you guys… My fucking god.

I watched President Obama set traps for Romney and the GOP to step in, and every step of the way, that is exactly what they did. It was like watching a blind man walk into a mine field. It was a disaster. Yet, it felt redeeming to watch such a shell of a man get utterly destroyed so decisively. Romney deserves absolutely ZERO sympathy from us or anyone else around him. The only thing he deserved was a loss served up on a silver platter, the same kind he’s used to eating on everyday. Needless to say, that is exactly what happened.

I was going to write this blog the very next day, but decided against it. Let me take a week off, I thought. Enjoy the air, take a victory lap… and then the news started up again.

The shit was just rolling down the mountain this whole week! So much shit… Alright, let’s get started.

(Libya is still in the news, if you want to read about that check out my previous entry)

1) Anonymous

2) Melissa Harris Perry, Gov. “Bobby” Jindal & 2016.

3) Stewart decimates O’Reilly (AGAIN)

4) Romney Gifts

5) Allen West


First, Anonymous. Yes, the hacker group. Let’s get to the story.

Apparently Romney was sure of his victory. How sure? Enough to not write a concession speech:

Enough to be so go ahead and purchase $25,000 worth of fireworks:

And we all remember the meltdown of Karl Rove over at FOX News.

Seems pretty cocksure of himself it would seem to the outside eye. Maybe it was just a optimistic attitude. Maybe they just got the polling wrong. Maybe they were just dense. Or maybe, just maybe, they knew it in their hearts that this was all wrapped up.

But, how could you be so sure? The consensus was it was a tight race, one that would go down to the wire. So why have such positive prospects about the outcome?

The answer is about as obvious as it gets. He meant to steal this election, just like in 2000, and some would even say 2004.

I won’t go into detail about ORCA or the rest of the specifics, but there was obviously a cyber plot at play… here, read this link and see what you may think.

and the letter to Rove from Anon:

What man was there for all 3 elections, with his fat ass head and heavy breathing? Karl “Human Ham” Rove. If this is true, it is a huge victory, and one I hope keeps the heat up on people THAT BREAK THE FUCKING LAW.


Love it!


Second. We live in Louisiana. Sure, it’s a red state. But it’s my state. I grew up here, and I love it. You can’t find people that are nicer, more accommodating, more generous, and more dumb. Seriously. Probably 75-85% of everyone I know that lives here also happens to live in complete fantasy world. They are so die-hard Republican down here it would make Rush Limbaugh blush. Yet, what do I hear from people on an almost daily basis when we talk politics?

“Bobby Jindal sucks.”

Most everyone I know despises Jindal, liberal and conservative, and they all have different reasons. I have my reasons as well. He did get high marks from me on his response to Hurricane Gustav and some of the others, but in contrast coming into office after Katrina, what Governor wouldn’t be completely freaked out by another hurricane, and so soon… So it was a little to be expected.

Some of the things I COMPLETELY disagree with him on is his school voucher program and his hard line stance on implementing the state health exchanges and other rules mandated by the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. More on that later.

But ol’ Bobby has been eyeing a real whopper down the line. He’s been trying to burst through the national stage for quite some time now, like this really uncomfortable appearance as the “new face” of the Republican party during the 2009 response to President Obama’s State of the Union address:


So after Romney’s resounding defeat (thank the high heavens), my friend Bobby had a few choice words for the Republican party:

I love this story because like my Dad said, it’s amazing how quick you change your views when you have your ass handed to you.

So that leads us to this, Melissa Harris Perry’s open letter to Gov. Jindal. When my wife and I watched this, we were taken aback. It was a SCATHING smack down of such a sorry ass Governor, precisely because the truth fucking hurts.

No, seriously. Watch it. It’s awesome.

Here’s an exerpt:

What you do care about is reaching higher office. And why not? Your term limited in Louisiana and the White House will have an opening in four years. So for you, it’s onto the next one, right? Looks like you’re 2016 machine is raring to go. Head of the Republican Governors Association? Check. Chastising the defeated Governor Romney for his gifts comments? Check. Calling on Republicans to stop being the “stupid party of dumbed-down conservatism” and encouraging them to reach out to a broader base? Check. Not bad for the national stage, Bobby.

But what about your own backyard? Those Louisianians without health insurance could benefit from the Medicaid expansion that President Obama’s Affordable Care Act would provide. Because in Louisiana, more than 68% of those Medicaid recipients are poor children. But you’d much rather lead 15 other states in massive resistance against so-called big government and tell your constituents “good luck” in the private sector. And speaking of the private sector, seems like you’d also like to sell off our kids’ education to the highest bidder. That educational voucher system you established — the largest one in the country, the one that gives vouchers to religious schools that teach creationism and allows them to keep their state funding even if their students fail basic reading and math tests, that one? We’re not fooled. This is not about reform. It is about, as the Interfaith Alliance wrote, your inability to distinguish between religious indoctrination and basic public education. And you think you might be just a little bit more suspicious of the whole private sector equals public good equation in the week when BP pled guilty to 14 criminal charges in connection with the Deepwater Horizon’s rig explosion just off our shores two years ago. You chastised President Obama’s energy policy by saying it was “subservient by-product of his radical environmental policy.” But even as our fragile coast loses a football field of protective wetlands every 38 minutes, you, Bobby, remain in favor of new drilling parcels, hydrofracking, and the keystone XL pipeline. Just who is the environmental radical?

This man doesn’t give a damn about you. If he did, you would sense it, like he cares. He doesn’t. He such a wimpy looking dude too, but if you read about him and never met him you would think he’s the most hard edge conservative leader this nation has ever seen, but I really don’t think he’s that much bigger then me. By all accounts, he’s been a disaster, but at least he hasn’t stolen tax payer money or been involved in some other scheme that I know of, at least not yet. But one thing is for damn certain: we are but a stepping stone for a man who has obviously caught the greed and power bug. Fitting since our state is shaped like a boot.

I do not want to see him in the White House, and the sooner he can get out of the Governor’s Mansion the better!!

p.s. I too wrote a letter to Jindal in response to the healthcare debacle that he seems to pride himself in. Here it is:

Dear Governor Bobby Jindal,

My name is Michael C. Burrow. I have a wife and a daughter. I have a corporate job that I achieved with higher education that I financed myself. We have health insurance, and we are in favor of the Affordable Health Care Act.

We are in favor of it because upon further review, we have concluded that it would lower our monthly premiums and protect us from being penalized from those who choose not to have health insurance. It would also protect our daughter from being denied coverage from preexisting conditions and would allow us to keep her covered during her collegiate years. We believe it would also benefit society among numerous ways by keeping people healthy and not clogging the emergency rooms.

Indeed, when I was younger and still in College, I broke my ankle, and because we could not afford insurance and we were not on my parents’ coverage, my wife and I had to travel back and forth to Earl K. Long hospital because the other hospitals refused to see us.

I will not divulge details, but know this: This part of our life was a living hell, driving back and forth and having to wait in waiting rooms for days on end, wasting weeks at a time only to be charged the full uncovered price by the hospital because well, I worked overtime, and as a result, made too much money to qualify for any sort of governmental assistance.

We are writing this letter to explain that we do not like when you and other members of your party play politics with such an important cultural issue. Month to month is a struggle for us as we are continually crushed under our medical bills of the past and four years later, we are still paying them. If something like President Obama’s Affordable Health Care law was in place when these things happened to me, our situation would be wildly different then it is now.

Enclosed is a picture of me, graduating from College at UL with a Bachelor in Arts & Humanities with my broken ankle as a reminder to you and others that this law is important to me and my family. Thank you for your time.

And of course, no response… Nothing has changed in his behavior. Am I surprised? Not really. He doesn’t give a fuck about me or my family, and he won’t give a fuck about yours either.

Good luck in those primaries, Piyush.


Third! Knockin ’em down.

O’Reilly vs. Stewart. Again.


Is this getting old for him? You think having your ass stomped for 2 hours on a internet streaming televised debate would be enough, or the thousands of times he and FOX News gets shredded on the Daily Show, the Mayor of Bullshit Mountain would learn…

Nope! Just watch the clip. Just watch it. Please. It’s AWESOME.

These guys live in complete Fantasy Land. Moving on…



Romney gifts. Millionaires and Billionaires wasted such an extravagant amount of money on Romney’s campaign and they are PISSED. They want answers! Who is gonna give us straight talk?

Oh good Romney’s on the phone! Get in on this and let’s hear it!


Yeah, so apparently the only reason President Obama won was not because Romney was the most terrible candidate in a long time, not because of secret videos decrying half of America, not because of the never ending pivot on positions, not the endless etch a sketch moments, not the endorsement of far right lunatics, not the promise to balance the budget and simultaneously cut taxes for corporations and millionaires, not the promise to repeal health care reform, not the disdain Romney had for ordinary people, not promising to cut Big Bird to fix the deficit, not the endless gaffes during oversea trips, not the promise to triple our already bloated military budget, not the promise to not only go to war with Iran but also China, not the promise to ignore fact-checkers, not the fact he got it completely wrong about President Obama and Benghazi during the second debate, not the way he carried the air of an entitled pompous asshole douche bag, not the lies, not the smears, not the distortions, not him living in fantasy world, and surely not his unwillingness to release his tax returns for more then 2 years (which by the way, I am still really interested in seeing) no… none of that. The reason he lost was the fact that President Obama promised minorities free things, and you know those minorities!! Always wanting their free food stamp welfare FEMA accepting lazy good for nothing unemployment collecting shit stain MOOCHERS!!

Oh, but there’s one little problem about that theory.


This is too easy.


Lastly, I really hope Allen West shuts the fuck up and goes home where he belongs and not  be allowed within 500 miles from the United States Capitol. This guy makes Michelle Bachman look sane. Florida, you did the right thing this election. I am so proud of you. Apparently, West has different plans. God damn it. Good luck, FL. You deserve so much better then West & Scott. You’ll be in my prayers.

2014. It’s coming guys, and it’ll be here before you know it. It has not stopped, the crazy train is still roaring. The chance to exterminate the roaches is coming in the form of the 2014 midterm elections. Never give up. Let’s do this. Let’s give President Obama the tools he needs to pull us out of the ditch. He needs us again. So sit back, take a sip of your drink, CO & WA spark up, and let’s kick out all of the Republican ass-clowns that have destroyed damn near everything. We can do this, all it’s gonna take is some focus.

Remember this motto: “Do like Mike B, and VOTE D!!! Down the line.”

See ya’ll then!


-Mad Mike


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