So much shit

October 9, 2012

So much shit to talk about, can’t write…about…everything…

1) Jon & Bill

2) “Lies from the pit of hell”

3) Friends that like Mitt Romney, when he doesn’t like you back

4) PBS and the Zoey Katherine effect

This will be a combo blog, we will touch briefly on all these points. Hopefully it will be an epiphany for some of you out there.

(See what I did there? ūüėČ

First, Jon & Bill. I purchased this debate, because even if it wasn’t very good, the money went to a good cause (Wounded Vets) and I support these types of debates that two television (or radio) personalities can talk about issues outside of the comfort of their own studios. I always thought it a little weird that these guys can get up on TV night after night and rail against whatever, but they never take their views on CSPAN or debates likes this so the country can have a chance to see the pros and cons of each. I tell you guys- this debate was worth every damn red cent and then some.

My favorite moment? At the very start, when Jon unpacked what it meant to live on what he calls “Bullshit Mountain”, an alternate reality where facts simply do not matter. Here’s the 3 minute clip:

This sounds¬†familiar¬†to me. I felt like I wrote about this just a few blogs ago. That’s right! I remember now– I called it Fantasy Land. Dragons through the air and purple rivers and Unicorns tromping through fields of blue. Jon calls in Bullshit Mountain… Both colorful metaphors ring the same amount of truth; It is an alternate reality and until we decide to not live in complete fantasy then our national discourse will keep getting more and more unbearable.

Which brings us to our second item on our list, Lies from the pit of hell.

Rep. Paul Brown in a United States Senator… Currently… and he says that Evolution, the Big Bang Theory, Dinosaurs, and the fact that the earth is over 8,000 years old are all lies, straight from the pit of hell. Here’s the video:

I can’t believe — It hurt to type that all out. Now, before I hear all kinds of crap like, “Oh, don’t worry about that, people are entitled to their own opinions, they aren’t hurting you just let them believe what they want etc.,” Let me direct you to this small comic strip on why that matters, it sums it up so nicely:


No, seriously. Stop. It’s not funny anymore, for obvious reasons.


#3!  Friends who like Mitt Romney

I am absolutely 100% in favor of people making up their own minds when it comes to politics. It’s because it comes from you as an individual. It’s unique. Plus it’s more fun to argue and I have much more respect for you, even if you are on the fringe right. If you don’t like President Obama, that’s okay, he wasn’t your guy etc.

But one thing that really bothers me is when people like Mitt Romney’s facebook page. The reason it bothers me so much, is because I know one thing is for sure above all other things.

Mitt Romney does not like you back.

I draw a comparison to a lonely boy liking a girl. The boy likes the girl, perhaps even loves her, spends all day with her, thinks about her, dreams about her, buys her things… but the girl doesn’t like the boy. At all. In fact, the boy¬†aggravates¬†her, and what she really wants to do is spend her time with her own friends, or meet up with a much more handsome- or whatever- man, but she is addicted to the attention and all the gifts, so she keeps the boy around, leading him on and taking advantage of him.

This is Mitt Romney’s relationship with his voters.

Does anyone out there think that Mitt Romney sees people when he looks at numbers and budgets on a page? Does anyone think he cares for the social good and welfare of this country? Does anyone think he is in this because he loves Americans and not for the power? The man will say anything to anyone at anytime, regardless of the audacity of seeming like a blind robot that will do anything to¬†fulfill¬†a dream left over from his father. He doesn’t give a damn about you, your problems, your story. HE DOESN’T EVEN LIKE YOU.

Here’s evidence.

Do I need to post a video about the 47%? I don’t think I do.

What does he see when he looks at you? He sees a bunch of moochers that are on food stamps.

The man isn’t interested in fixing problems or finding solutions. He isn’t interested in helping you or your family. He doesn’t care about your education, and thinks it would be good for Big Bird to endorse corn flakes every once in a while.

I quote from this video’s description, since the video is a little long:

“After limping through an answer that began, “If you’re looking for free stuff … vote for the other guy,” Romney picked another questioner from the audience, clearly not having learned to avoid young women on college campuses. She asked him, in light of his opposition to federal funding for Planned Parenthood, “I’m just wondering where you would suggest that the millions of women who receive their health services — such as mammograms and HPV services — go.”

Romney responded that the federal government was going to have to make tough choices, and that some programs — such as the National Endowment for the Arts – would have to be cut.

“Big Bird is going to have to get used to Kellogg’s Corn Flakes,” he said, suggesting that the PBS program”Sesame Street” would have to begin running advertisements.”

Now the Big Bird argument…. Which brings us to #4.

Zoey Katherine Burrow loves PBS. No, seriously. She absolutely adores it,  just like both her parents did.

I can’t even begin to tell you the complete ass-headedness of cutting PBS to solve¬†deficit¬†problems… Oh wait, I can. Just click this link that will open a tweet from Neil deGrasse Tyson:

Done. That’s it. Easy. I’m done.

Look, the PBS debacle is not new. The other side seems to have it out for educational programming. The reason? Because they cannot thrive on education. The more people learn, the less they hold on to power.

Let me make this abundantly fucking clear to Romney and all the other morons that would strip this funding for any general welfare service that improves society: Do not fuck with my children. Do not fuck with anyone’s children. If you feel like you have to cut¬†children¬†programming and¬†developmental¬†services out first before you cut wars, defense and corporate welfare, you are a piece of shit and politically speaking, you deserve every bad thing that happens to you.

Not everyone is born with a silver spoon up their ass, and one thing I think we forget all too often, that these children that like cartoons and playing today are going to be Senators, engineers, salesmen and sanitation workers tomorrow. ¬†They grow up. If they do not have at least some foundation on which to base their understanding of the world on, then it’s done. That’s it. We can hang our hats and go home, this country is finished.

Watch Mr. Rogers defend PBS in1969.

Thanks for reading. I had fun writing this blog, and hope everyone gets a lot out of it.

-MAD Mike

p.s. Epiphany is a local band in Lafayette that will be making the rounds starting very soon. Keep an eye out for us at musical venues! ūüėČ


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