October 4, 2012

Happy debate day!! This will be the first one.

So here we go, fun time!

Most average voters pay attention around September, October, and November. This is when all those undecided voters take a long look at each candidate and are really observant to the political climate. It’s also the time when a lot of people who have been paying attention for so long are just ready for it all to be over. October, historically, holds what is called an “October Surprise”, in which a huge bombshell is released and turns into what is called a “Game Changer” where it turns the entire race on its head. For example. Let’s say Mitt Romney found a video in which President Obama has sex with a goat. He releases it, and President Obama’s lead is shattered. That’s an October surprise.

One problem, though. Mitt Romney absolutely sucks ass at this, and he is going up against one of the greatest political campaigners we have seen in modern history. Like the president or not, you’ve got to admit- he is a great campaigner. He crosses every ‘t’ and dots every ‘i’. We’ve also already had an October surprise: the 47% video of Romney that was released in September. Romney is getting crushed at this stage in the game. You’ll see so much emphasis being put on these three debates because Romney has dug himself a hole so deep that he will try to claw his way out of. They also try to throw everything at President Obama, hoping to God something sticks on him. The latest is a “new video, that has been reported on already in 2007, but it’s new, so ignore that it was already talked about in, uh, 2007.” from the Drudge Report, aka Romney’s Personal Poop Shoot and picked up immediately by Sean “Republican Ass-Clown” Hannity and all of our dear friends at GOP News, oops I meant FOX.


Here’s a shortened version of the desperation that the other side feels right now.

Yep. you heard right. Jeremiah Wright. YAWN!! Didn’t Glenn Beck already travel down this road before?

Oh, that’s right. He did.

What’s old is new again. My favorite though is this Huffington Post article detailing Juan Williams, who works for FOX, just demolishing Hannity for his new “bombshell”.

I’ll save you the trouble:

“I love coming on your show Sean, because I’ve been here now for all these conspiracy theories,” Williams said. Hannity said there was no conspiracy, that Obama was pushing racial divisiveness by talking about the federal response to Hurricane Katrina and the lack of federal money for black-owned business, and that he seemed like a different person because of his accent.

“He was speaking to an elite audience of young black people,” Williams said. “He was relating to them directly … politicians do this repeatedly.

“You guys are playing a race card now,” he said.

“Why are you protecting what should be condemned by everybody?” Hannity asked.

“Are you kidding me? I would condemn it in a second if I saw it in the way you are describing,” Williams said. “When I see that you guys throw dirt and see what will stick. All you do is hope something’s going to stick this time.”

“You guys?” Hannity said.

Williams pointed out that George W. Bush himself had said that Katrina was rooted partially in racial discrimination.


My friends, this is what desperation looks like. They have nothing, and I mean NOTHING. When did the Republicans get so bad at this? I’m not complaining though. I want Romney to be pulverized. politically speaking. I also want a very sharp and tuned message that states, “Enough Republican Crap. Go home, come back from fantasy land, and try again. Pull your head out of your own ass.” Enough is enough. Seriously.

Have fun watching the debates!

-Mad Mike


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