Fantasy Land

September 18, 2012

My dad always told me:

“Son, everything comes down to money.”

“Everything, Dad?”


I knew he was right back then, because he said in such a sobering manner. The optimism that flowed through me told me otherwise. Surely, people wouldn’t care all about money would they? There had to be more to life, more fulfillment, more soul searching that went on, right?


Everything always comes back to money. This is even more true in the political process then in real life. With recent juggernauts coming out from the Supreme Court, it is virtually impossible for an unknown to rise through the political ranks without some serious corporate ass-kissing, a talent I never have possessed. As a result, our corporate overlords make all of our rules, who gives a damn who they hurt or what kinds of damage they cause. The people with the money win 93% of the time. The odds are not in our favor.

That’s reality. The truth hurts. It’s not pretty, and it’s not easy to accept.

There’s even parts of me, still clamoring on those optimistic feelings. It’ll get better, people will become smarter, and we will all become stronger, right?


Which brings me to my second point. After this presidential cycle is over and I am hoping that people aren’t duped by Romney and his neo-con group of ass clown advisors that are just biting at the chance to have us be involved in even more wars then before, I will be focusing all of my political anger and energy into shipping out every single House Republican (and hopefully the Senate as well) and demand some fucking sanity be back in style at the federal level. When I tell you that this is the worst congress in all of American History, the most unpopular, the most ridiculous, the most insane group of zealots that ever gathered under one roof, don’t take my word for it. Simply google “The most unpopular congress” and click on the first link. Here, let me save you the trouble.

So what do these ass-hats do? Why, what else would you do after you come back from a five week long recess? TAKE ANOTHER 2 MONTH VACATION!! Duh! Jesus guys do I have to explain everything to you?

But wait! They aren’t done yet! As the blog states, they have created ZERO jobs, have blocked passage of President Obama’s American Jobs Act successfully while their constituents continue to sit on their happy unemployed asses as the economy continues to struggle to regain its footing. These guys are just too much. You know what else? They do not give a damn about you, or your family, your job, your livelihood, or your medical debt, your student loan debt, you mortgage tax deduction or your children’s education! What do they care about? Making damn sure that corporate money keeps flowing in while they take a 2 month long vacation from doing, you know, stuff … and sending you emails about Solyndra! Seriously. I got a fucking email from Charles Boustany today that complained about governmental waste today after investing in a company that produces solar panels that went bankrupt. Ignore the fact that this story is over seven months old and that it doesn’t even hold a fucking candle to the gigantic subsidies the oil & gas industry gets at a time where they are posting record profits (ever filled up your car lately? ouch!) but just for him to insult my intelligence, no- YOUR intelligence, because he thinks you and your family are too fucking stupid to connect the dots and add 2 and 2. But oh wait, I forgot…

That’s right, we live in fantasy land. We love oil. Filling up our cars at $4.00 a gallon is such an amazing feeling! Let’s get in a few more wars, I don’t think we’ve lost quite enough of our friends and family. Let’s bomb Libya even though the general population voted in a moderate government and they actually like America. Let’s bomb Iran. Let’s bomb Iraq again cause, why not? Let’s idolize a golden statue version of Ronald Reagan, cause he’s white and doesn’t have the last name “Bush”.  Let’s call President Obama a Muslim Socialist because we all know those two terms go together so well. Let’s think Romney is going to give a damn about anyone but the richest corporations that would ship every single one of your jobs overseas so fast before you can even blink. Let’s ignore fact checkers. Let’s ignore science. Let’s just sit here and eat processed foods day in and day out and hope one day we will become skinny again. Let’s make damn sure not to teach our kids a lick of science because everything we’ve ever wanted to know has already been written in the Book of Genesis. You know, fantasy land. Where the dragons fly through the air and unicorns run free in open fields of blue and purple. It’s really a lovely place isn’t it? You don’t even have to pay attention to enjoy fantasy land. You can just make shit up. Like me, watch this:

Germany is after all of our money because they want to bail out the euro.They are meeting with President Obama now. JP Morgan Chase & Bank of America are an integral part of our economy and deserve more favors. The Occupy movement is based out of a central Florida Retirement community and ran by Nazis.

This is fun!

Dragons in the air, and purple sea monsters.

Fantasy Land.

I’ll leave you all with a letter that I wrote Charles Boustany today (who happens to be your congressman, if you live in Lafayette). Enjoy.



Hopefully you will have a nice vacation. What is it this time, 2 months? That’s not too bad. I was gonna take a 3 month vacation from my job, but then I remembered that I have to pay my bills. Technicalities, I guess. I’m wasting my time writing you this. I could be focusing on other things, playing with my daughter or even making love to my wife, but you and your cohorts make me so disappointed on a bi-daily basis that I have to write, again, to express my absolute disgust with you and other house republicans. That is why I am writing to tell you that I will be pouring all of my efforts into making damn sure we kick out the vast majority of Republicans out of the House of Representatives. Time and time again you and your cohorts have proved to live in a fantasy land, where dragons fly through the air and unicorns trample through fields of blue. All of my efforts, especially my political blog, will be dedicated to making damn sure none of you achieve any more terms. Enjoy your vacation. Say “hi” to all our old friends in River Ranch.



Mike Burrow


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