Mitt “Tax Fraud” Romney 2012

August 23, 2012

Good evening!

Good to be back. So much happened today in the political sphere. Ignoring the “that’s just too damn easy” stories on Akin’s rape comments, and the GOP’s following outrage about them (even though it’s fucking written into their NATIONAL PLATFORM, which Mitt Romney has said he would uphold) and the shunning of Ron Paul’s guaranteed fifteen minutes of fame on board the Republican National Convention after winning delegates from five states (Hey- Louisiana!) and given that Romney & Crew obviously cannot even have the god damned common courtesy to share the spotlight with such riffraff and his delegates, not to mention the supposed hurricane that is scheduled to hit Tampa on the day of the convention (I wonder if it would be God’s will, Pat Robertson?) we come to what I consider to be a HUGE bombshell.

First, a little backstory.

Mitt Romney  really, really, REALLY does not want to show you his tax returns. Forget the fact it is common practice for presidential candidates to do so, starting with one George Romney (Mitt’s father) and going all the way up to President Obama and John McCain, it’s standard practice. Why? Well, it’s a gesture of trust, really. It’s saying to the American people, I am transparent, I want you to see who I am, and how I made my money. Basically, that is all it is. Simple, right? Would it really matter anyway to average voters? Not really, I don’t remember combing through any for previous presidents; No one really does, except for reporters and other media figures whose job it is to do so. Remember too, that Mitt Romney was on the VP shortlist for John McCain back in 2008, and Mitt had to release his taxes to McCain for the vetting process… And we all know how that one ended. McCain skipped over Mitt in favor of Sarah Palin. So, McCain knows what’s in Mitt’s taxes and yet we don’t, even though it’s standard practice. For someone to not release them to the public at this stage in the game would indicate that they had something to hide in them, something really, really bad.

Really bad.

We’ve heard all kinds of theories. Maybe he just paid a lower tax rate then you or I do, percentage wise and doesn’t think you’d like that. Maybe he just doesn’t want everyone to know how filthy freaking rich he is. Maybe it shows an extra dependent, since he’s a Mormon and they are into polygamy. Maybe he committed voter fraud that shows him living in Massachusetts to vote against Ted Kennedy but instead was really living in California during that time. Maybe it shows all the tax deductions from his wild slutty porn escapades and excursions he went on. Maybe he didn’t pay a single dime in taxes, or maybe he’s just dense. Whatever the reason, the point is that we don’t know- and people who do want to know are left to theorize and speculate on why he didn’t.

Until now.

I found an article today (Thank you, thank you- To my new best friend… Reddit) that, for me at least, hits the nail right on the fucking head. It’s called “Mitt’s Big Secret”, and it too theorizes on why he doesn’t want the public to see them; Except this one comes with that hint of truth I know all too well. Let me quote from the article:

“The answer may well be that 2009 was the year that the Treasury Department decided to offer an amnesty from prosecution for tax fraud to any of the tens of thousands of millionaires who were known or suspected to have illegally hidden income abroad in the Cayman Islands or in Swiss banks — a felony, but one that people thought they’d never be caught at.

That year alone, some nearly 30,000 people, many of them no doubt prominent in society, politics and business, and customers of the finest accounting firms, reportedly voluntarily came forward to the IRS to admit that they had hidden some of the estimated $100 billion in income that crooked rich Americans have for years been secreting away in banks overseas. Under the terms of the program, they were able to just report their fraud, pay the taxes, penalties and interest on the money and then walk away scott free, with no charges and with their returns kept confidential by the agency.”

Did you catch that? Look back again. Swiss Bank. Cayman Islands. Felony. These words have been tossed around the news like Frisbee golf when the issue of Mitt’s tax returns began to take shape in the news over the past few months. Interesting! Let’s look just a bit more:

“The scandal that exploded around Swiss megabank UBS, where a whistleblowing employee released some of the names of wealthy Americans who were being allowed to use the bank’s privacy protections to hide their income from the IRS, caused many of America’s super-rich, fearing the worst, to rush for an amnesty offered by the IRS, which was more interested in collecting the money than putting a lot of the country’s toniest people behind bars. The floodgates opened when the US sued UBS demanding the full list of tax criminals from the bank, and then offered an amnesty to those who came forward voluntarily, reported their fraud to the IRS, and paid the required interest and penalties.

Given Mitt Romney’s known predilection for avoiding taxes, it’s hard to imagine him not having taken advantage of the Swiss tax dodge, particularly when so many other people of his class were doing it. Hiding income overseas was, back in the early years of this gilded century, the thing to do–the stuff of mirthful asides over cognac at the Club after a bracing game of golf or polo.”

Well. That is very so interesting. But wait, what’s this UBS Bank in Switzerland? What crisis? I don’t remember hearing about … oh, wait. The banking crisis happened in 2008, right up against the election that gave us President Obama, and this scandal broke out in June of that same year… which would make  sense why McCain would pass over Romney, which should of been a clear shot for VP but instead going for Sarah Palin. Romney was going through this huge UBS scandal at the time! I could see the headlines now: McCain’s running mate investigated for massive tax evasion and fraud to the tune of millions… Possible felony indictment. He HAD to pick someone else!

Wow. This simply blew my mind. It also brings into clear view why the Obama campaign made a offer to Romney: Just give us five years of the returns, and we’ll call it a deal… But he still can’t do it! If he released his returns, it would reveal the amnesty granted by the Treasury department in exchange for payments and the promise to not arrest him on felony charges! No doubt, the Obama people know this. Remember Wesley Snipes? He’s serving jail time for cheating the IRS out of a fraction of what Mitt Romney cheated them out of! Imagine that hpocrisy!

Like I mentioned before, because Mr. Romney will not release his returns, we are left with no other option then to speculate why. It has to be something bad, something that really stinks, and I really believe this is it. It has to be it.

It brings me to probably a larger point. Mitt Romney feels a sense of entitlement that dwarfs any aspirations that you may have. He is at the very top echelons of our richest people, and he never really has had to answer to anybody. He feels everything is his. His money, all his. This country, his. This presidency, his. Time to pay taxes, just like every American is required to, you say? Not me, says Romney, I am simply above that. I am better then you. I know more then you and I am smarter then you. Shut up, and vote for me. Don’t ask me questions, don’t worry about my policies, don’t think… Just vote for me. That office is mine, because I want POWER. I deserve power, because I am Willard Mitt Romney and I deserve that position.

Why someone like that would not be satisfied by the mass amounts of wealth he already has is beyond me. Lust of power, I guess.

President Obama said it best. “The office of the Presidency is not an entitlement. It is a privilege.”

Here is the links to the two articles I used for this blog. I HIGHLY recommend checking them out!!!


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