Christian Radio

August 20, 2012

Oh boy. Right? Believe it or not, I used to listen to this. Everyday, in fact, until I stopped rather recently. Why did I stop? I did like any other good person would do when something is making his blood pressure go up.

I gave it up for Lent.

It was one of my best decisions ever. These people lie, distort, and propagandize political facts even more then FOX news, and that is truly a statement. I’ve been off the conservative tit for more than 5 months, and switched to NPR. Listening to Christian Talk Radio for political news is like dunking your head in a toilet of shit looking for a chocolate doughnut. It’s simply not worth it.

So today, I was on my way to Super 1 for some milk and other small items and decided, aw hell. Let me give it a shot, see what those old dinosaurs are up to. Let me just tell you, Super One is precisely one minute, ONE FUCKING minute from my house. In that time, I heard them have the following conversation about President Obama and who his Vice Presidential Pick would be. Let’s let that sink in for a moment. In this segment, they wondered why President Obama wouldn’t pick Hillary Clinton! Sigh, alright… They speculated a bit (using their time ever-so-wisely with a national microphone), and concluded that Clinton said no because she simply knew that President Obama would lose. Okay… But wait, they weren’t done. No, they said, it’s probably because Hillary Clinton didn’t want to play “second-fiddle” to President Obama. Now, putting aside the fact that almost every national poll has President Obama leading Mr. Romney, I had to wonder, what fucking rock do these guys live under? President Obama has said Joe Biden will remain his Vice Presidential pick since 2008 and has given no allusion to anything of the contrary, Biden has given numerous stump speeches on behalf of the campaign, Clinton has suggested that she will retire her post as Secretary of State after reelection, and if Vice President is playing “second fiddle” to the President, what the hell is Secretary of State? Would that be fourth fiddle, or fifth? What the hell are these guys talking about? This passes as news? For who?

(I should note here that this is the “news” segment of their line up. The show is called “Today’s Issues”, or something like that.)

Oops, I had arrived at my destination. One minute had passed.

In my car, on the way back, they were speaking on the topic of the Southern Poverty Law center. Granted, I don’t know that much about this organization other then them labeling AFA & AFR(American Family Association, American Family Radio respectively) as a hate group. Why a hate group? Probably because they spout out the most hateful trash and utter dishonesty on a daily basis, and the S.P.L.C. recognized it as such. I guess when you take Deuteronomy & Leviticus so serious, that tends to happen. They couldn’t understand it, and instead of reevaluating their message like any sane organization would do, they pointed it back at them, spouting some kind of crap about how they are getting in the way of real American family values.

And this is their bubble. This is who they are. In their minds, they do God’s work, everyday. Their name sucks. American Family Association reminds me of a checkered blanket picnic on a Sunday afternoon under a shady tree. These guys are quite simply put, brainwashed sheep that are taking FOX news steroids. They will tell you that President Obama is the most liberal, socialist, left-wing President we have ever had (NEWS FLASH: He’s not). They will tell you Jesus should be coming back any second, and that’s why we have to nuke Iran so they can clear the way in Israel for their savior to ride in on his white horse. They will tell you while they would of preferred a Michelle Bachman or Rick Santorum presidency, but that they MUST galvanize the troops to come out en masse for Mitt Romney because America cannot afford another 4 years of President Obama’s radical left wing muslim loving antics, a liberal “free for all”; And they will say it all with a straight face. No grinning, no laughing, no snickering… They are super, super serious.

So why do I care? Why worry about it? Why even listen to it?

Good question. I suppose the reason is that anyone that has access to hundreds of thousands of peoples direct listening attention would come with a certain air of responsibility. What are the facts? How can we deliver the news from a Christian perspective whilst still holding on to the truthfulness that we hold to a higher standard, because we are Christian? Or simply the fact that we don’t want to lie to our audience? What would Jesus think, do, or say? Would he want the poor to be taken care of no matter who was doing the work, or would he only say, “No, the government can’t help the poor. That is for the free market to decide. Only the churches should be in the business of charity hospitals, not the government.” No, you bunch of losers.

But I guess the real reason I care is that people still fear that which is unknown, that spiritual presence. Is God watching me? What does He want me to do? Who does He want me to vote for? etc. They want to be in its favor, and these people offer an easy way out. That is how they thrive. That’s what makes them so unique. They take advantage of people’s fear, and exploit it for their political message. That isn’t right. Probably more to the point, I don’t believe its what Christ would of done, if he were given the enormous power and influence of a national microphone.

I can only hope, I can only pray, that our nation is smarter then them. I have my doubts, but my optimism runs deep, and I believe their extreme and hateful message will die out eventually.

It just takes time.


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