It starts!

August 15, 2012

May I introduce my blog, called “Mad Mike”. I have tried to quit politics. I have tried to stop paying attention, and I have tried to ignore all the massive bullshit that is running absolutely rampant in our political discourse and focus on the positives. I’ve tried, honestly I’ve tried.

I can’t. So what to do instead? Give my facebook family and friends a rest of my rants and record them all here. Sort of like taking a dump in a public toilet, and then inviting everyone to come look at my shit. Isn’t it impressive? Care to discuss? 

What’s first on the agenda? There are many observations I have had, and they are jumbled up in my brain like a knotted piece of yarn that will take some time to unravel. Hopefully, I can successfully get everything out in a coherent manner. I’m sure I can. 😉 


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